A Systematic Review: Location-Limited SNSs Research and Psychological Well-Being

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Iffat Ali Aksar
Mehmoud Danaee
Amira Firdaus


The turn of the 21st century witnessed an unprecedented surge in the use of Social Network Sites (SNSs). The developing world also experienced a similar congruent networking transformation in terms of employment of the emerging SNN tools. Correspondingly, research magnitude on the implication of SNSs use has also grown exponentially with recommendations for conducting studies in less privileged countries. The present systematic review is based on doctoral research aimed to present the status of SNSs studies and psychological well-being in both developing and developed countries. The review analyzed thirty-two location-limited articles–conducted in developed countries like the USA—published from 2005 to 2018 and focused on the relationship between SNSs usage and users’ psychological well-being. Given the limitations of the available literature, the review also recommended suggestions for future directions in investigations and studies on the subject.


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